Constitutional Amendments – Know Before You Vote

Know Before You Vote!

Amendments are up for a vote this November. These Amendments require critical thinking before you vote. Attached is palm card that will provide you a summary of the Amendments and document with a link to the supporting documents.

Stay tuned for a Women’s March event that will include discussing the potential implications of the Amendments.

Print these cards for a brief explanation and recommendation on how to vote on each.

 Palm Card – Side 1 Palm Card – Side 2

See this Summary for more details.

Summary of Amendments

Demand City Council Close The Gun Show Loop Hole in Duval

Close The Gun Show Loop Hole!

Per the City Council website –

“The City Council is the legislative body of the City of Jacksonville’s consolidated government and is responsible for making the laws that govern our way of life. These 19 Council Members, who are elected to four-year terms and serve as part-time legislators, have almost unlimited power to enact legislation in order to provide for the needs of our community.

Demand City Council exercise it’s rights under the Florida Constitution, Amendment 12, and restrict easy access to guns by creating and ordinance to the gun show loop hole in Jacksonville.

Print the attached letter, sign and either email or snail mail to City Council.

Address Envelope to:

All City Council Members
117 W Duval St Ste 425
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Find specific email addresses to City Council members here:

Letter to City Council



February Trivia Night

Trivia Night – Sold Out Event

In February, we hosted out first ever Women’s March Trivia Fundraiser, and it was a sell out! The success of this event will enable us to continue to educate and take action on shared causes. You can review the pictures on our Facebook page to see the fun and fellowship shared. Many thanks to Moon River Pizza for hosting us and for contributing so much to our success. A big congratulations to all our winners but especially to our overall winning team pictured here, A. Johnson, M. Stewart, W. Carter, J. Skoglund, S. Morgan, M.H. Solomon, J. Klein.

Women’s Day of Action 2018 a Great Success!

Thanks to all our sponsors, our speakers, our entertainers, our volunteers, our table sponsors, and our participants for a great turnout and an energizing day of action in Jacksonville on January 21, 2018! Based on the number of materials passed out by our table sponsors, we estimate the crowd was about 2,000 over the four-hour  Rally.  Peaceful, positive, and inspiring, the event was a celebration of all the hard work we’ve done in the past year, as well as all the work that is yet to be done!  The event was covered by the Times-Union, two local TV stations, WJCT, and others. Check out the media links here.

Below are just a few of our favorite pictures.

Sponsors Named for Women’s Day of Action!

We’re proud to announce our three Presenting Sponsors for the Women’s Day of Action,  The Women’s Center of Jacksonville, NextGen America (Florida), and Shuster and Saben! Thank you, Presenting Sponsors!

We’d also like to acknowledge Silver Sponsors, Layers of a Woman and The Democratic Women’s Information Network.

And finally, we’d like to thank our Bronze sponsors, including For Our Future; Jax Color Printing, Skye Design Studios, Celebration Party Rentals, and Women Writing for (a) Change, Jacksonville.

Presenting Sponsors







Silver Sponsors


Bronze Sponsors




Calling All Local Female Candidates and Politicians!

Calling All Female Candidates and Politicians!

We are calling on all local female candidates (including those currently holding office) to attend the upcoming  Women’s Day of Action and Liberation Rally at The Landing so we can celebrate you!

During the rally, we plan to acknowledge the women who currently serve or who want to serve our communities in political office. The bi-partisan energy will be amazing! Here’s a list of candidates (in no particular order) currently posted on the Duval Supervisor of Elections website. Please comment below with any names of candidates who are missing from this list.

If you are a candidate and able to attend, please contact us HERE to confirm your appearance and to be added to our list to be invited to the stage.

Currently In Office

Senator Audrey Gibson – Florida State Senator District 6 (Democrat)
Representative Tracie Davis – Florida State House D 13 (Democrat)
Representative Kim Daniels – Florida State House D 12 (Democrat)
Anna Lopez Brosche – President, Jacksonville City Council (Republican)
Joyce Morgan – City Council District 1 (Democrat)
Katrina Brown – City Council District (Democrat)
Lori Boyer – City Council District 5 (Republican)
Melissa Nelson – State’s Attorney (NOP)
Ellen Glasser – Mayor, Atlantic Beach (NOP)
Brittany Norris – City Commissioner, Atlantic Beach (NOP)
Evelyn Coney – Soil and Water Conservation Board

Running for Office in 2018

Nancy Soderberg – Candidate for Congressional District  6 (Democrat)
Gwen Graham – Candidate for Governor (Democrat)
Kimberly Sadler – Candidate for County Judge (NOP)
Tracye Polson – Candidate for House District 15 (Democrat)
Monica DePaul – Candidate for Congressional District 4 (Democrat)
La’Rae Hendrix – Candidate for County Judge (NPO)
Georgette Dumont – Candidate for Neptune Beach City Commission (NOP)*
Erica Connor – Candidate for St. Johns Soil and Water (NOP)
Theresa Richardson – Candidate for School Board (NOP)
Charis Scurry – Candidate for School Board (NOP)
Charlotte Joyce – Candidate for School Board (NOP)
Karen Nuland – Candidate for Group 6 (NOP)
Monique Tookes – Candidate for Group 6 (NOP)
Doreszell Cohen – Candidate for Mayor of Jacksonville (Democrat)
Celestine Mills – Candidate for City Council District 11 (Democrat)
Randy DeFoor – Candidate for City Council District 14 (Republican)
LeAnna Cumber – Candidate for District 5 (Republican)
Rose Conry – Candidate for District 6 (Republican)
Victoria Blackman – Candidate for District 7 (Democrat)
Sharise Riley – Candidate for District 7 (Democrat)
Chausse Gibson – Candidate for District 7 (Democrat
Joenetta Satoya Dixon – Candidate for District 8 (Democrat)
Tameka Gaines Holly – Candidate for District 8 (Democrat)
Leslie Harris – Candidate for Soil & Water Group 1 (NOP)

Sponsor Guidelines

Welcome to the 2018 Women’s March Liberation Rally!

We are extremely excited to have you as an integral part of this great event and hope that you will help us make it a positive, uplifting, and inspiring Day of Action!

To help us create a positive environment, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines.

Exhibit Etiquette

Each exhibitor is assigned a designated tabling space. Please feel free to display your information and/or products in a loud, proud, and exuberant manner. Just be sure that your display does not infringe on the display of your neighboring exhibitors or into the common walkways. Exhibitors may not project sound of any kind, including playing music or using bullhorns. Table sponsors are required to furnish their own tables and incidentals needed for their display.

Safety and Cleanliness

We are expecting a large crowd, so safety is paramount. If you see anything that you feel jeopardizes safety, please report it to the nearest volunteer. We will have JSO officers and CSC Security on site to assist if needed. Electrical outlets are not available at the tables. Fires, including burning candles, are not permitted. Exhibitors who create a safety risk, either through display or actions, will be asked once to make adjustments. If they fail to correct or remove the risk, they will be asked to leave and escorted off the property. Each table will be provided a trash bag. Please use this trash bag and place it in the dumpster when you leave.

Sales Restrictions

The Jacksonville Landing Management permits only established businesses with contractual leases with The Landing to sell food and drink, so please refrain from selling food or drink at your tables. Under no circumstance is a table sponsor allowed to distribute alcohol. All sales must be conducted at your table. Unapproved concessions will be asked to leave. Sponsors who sell are responsible for collecting and reporting sales tax if required.

Arrival, Setup, and Departure

Setup begins at 10:00 AM. All sponsors are asked to arrive at 10:00 AM to begin setup.

  • A drop-off area on the east side of the Landing, near the parking garage, will be available beginning at 10:00 AM.  A volunteer will be there to answer questions and assist in managing the process. Pay-per-hour parking is available in the adjoining lot on a first come basis. Other parking is available nearby, on the street and paid lots.  See for additional parking options.

  • Table sponsors are expected to furnish their own tables and incidentals for their display.
  • Banner Sponsors are asked to bring their banner and zip ties for securing the banner to the balcony in the designated location. No tape is allowed on railings. A volunteer will be available to assist you in locating your designated banner location.  Banners and zip ties must be removed by 4:00 PM.
  • Table sponsors are required to ensure someone is at their table at all times during the entire event. Women’s March is not responsible for damage or loss of property. A volunteer will be available to assist you in locating your assigned table location.
  • Support is available. If you need assistance and a volunteer is not nearby, please contact Brandy Hoffman, Sponsor Coordinator, or, Tammy Tibbles, Organizer Lead, by sending an alert here: Sponsor Alert.
  • The Rally is scheduled to end at 3 PM. Table sponsors are asked to remain at their tables until the Rally officially ends. Volunteers and security will be in place until 4 PM to allow time for tear-down and clean up.

Most Important

Have fun! We are looking forward to a fabulous day of community action and celebration!  If you need anything, please do not hesitate to contact me immediately.

Thank you!
Brandy Hoffman
Sponsor Coordinator, Women’s March Jax
If questions, please contact me here: contact info

Rally Visitor Information

Sunday, January 21, 2018

11 AM – 3PM

The Jacksonville Landing 2 W. Independent Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32202

Participation Guidelines

This is a peaceful, non-violent event to rally for positive community action. You are invited to chant and sing and raise your voice with us as we focus on an educational and inspiring Women’s Day of Action in Northeast Florida! Please note that hecklers, and/or disruption of speakers will be asked to leave. Violence or aggression in any form, including verbal assault, will not be tolerated. Violation of these guidelines will result in immediate removal from the property by security personnel.

Volunteers, Peacekeepers, CSC Security, and JSO will be onsite to assist participants as needed.

Our goal is to provide a safe, fun, engaging, educational, and inspirational experience that focuses on critical issues impacting women and our community.

Getting To The Rally

The rally will be held at The Landing in downtown Jacksonville. Use this address in your GPS: 2 W. Independent Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32202.

Please consider public transportation. Visit the Jacksonville Transit Authority for the many public transit options. The Downtown Water Taxi stops at The Landing is a great transportation option.


Parking information can be found here: PARKING. Attendees are encouraged to carpool.

What To Bring

  • Signs, chants, banners, posters (no wooden, plastic, or metal sign holders)
  • Family and friends
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Weather-appropriate clothing
  • If you bring a backpack, we suggest it be clear.

What NOT To Bring

  • Participants are encouraged to reflect positive messages in their choice of clothing, and in the signs that they wish to carry.  Symbols or messages that incite hate, or anger, do not reflect the intentions and focus of the Rally.
  • No firearms or weapons of ANY kind will be permitted.
  • Please do not bring anything that could be used as a weapon (umbrellas, sticks, poles, etc.)
  • Walking sticks used by people with disabilities are permitted, of course.
  • Pets (Service animals with proper documentation are permitted, of course. Other pets may get lost in the crowd, so we discourage that.)
  • No alcoholic beverages, please.
  • The Landing has numerous restaurants serving food and drinks all day, so bringing food is not a necessity.
  • Due to the crowd size and difficulty of navigating, we’d prefer to avoid skateboards, skates, and scooters at this event.  However, wheelchairs, medical scooters, rolling walkers, and walkers are fine.
  • Please avoid bringing large flags, etc, that might block the view of other participants.

How to Get Help On Site

  • Volunteers will be on site to assist and guide you.
  • Hospitality tables will provide lost and found services.
  • American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters will be providing interpretation services for the deaf.  An area near the stage will be available to provide a clear line of sight for the deaf to see the ASL interpreter during speeches.


We will be fundraising for hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Florida Keys.  All Women’s March event proceeds will go to selected charities working on-the-ground in these areas as well as to cover our costs for the Rally.  Please check our website for more details.