Day Of Action 2018

Injustice in any form is unacceptable. Women must be treated equality, people of color must be treated equality, LGBTQIA must be treated equally, immigrants must be treated equally. We will work with community partners in opposition to the unequal treatment of women and marginalized people and communities.

We will work to educate on the prevalence and damage of gun violence in our community and to partner with like-minded organizations to highlight the neglect and inability of elected officials to build trust and break down barriers to life saving solutions and call for change.

Equality for all cannot be achieved as long as patriarchal government and systems are determining outcomes using an all white, outdated perspective on humanity and how to govern. Women, youth, and people of color experience the injustice and devastation of archaic systems and processes. We will work to highlight how our outdated systems and processes actually hold back communities and unjustly target marginalized communities.