Calling All Local Female Candidates and Politicians!

Calling All Female Candidates and Politicians!

We are calling on all local female candidates (including those currently holding office) to attend the upcoming  Women’s Day of Action and Liberation Rally at The Landing so we can celebrate you!

During the rally, we plan to acknowledge the women who currently serve or who want to serve our communities in political office. The bi-partisan energy will be amazing! Here’s a list of candidates (in no particular order) currently posted on the Duval Supervisor of Elections website. Please comment below with any names of candidates who are missing from this list.

If you are a candidate and able to attend, please contact us HERE to confirm your appearance and to be added to our list to be invited to the stage.

Currently In Office

Senator Audrey Gibson – Florida State Senator District 6 (Democrat)
Representative Tracie Davis – Florida State House D 13 (Democrat)
Representative Kim Daniels – Florida State House D 12 (Democrat)
Anna Lopez Brosche – President, Jacksonville City Council (Republican)
Joyce Morgan – City Council District 1 (Democrat)
Katrina Brown – City Council District (Democrat)
Lori Boyer – City Council District 5 (Republican)
Melissa Nelson – State’s Attorney (NOP)
Ellen Glasser – Mayor, Atlantic Beach (NOP)
Brittany Norris – City Commissioner, Atlantic Beach (NOP)
Evelyn Coney – Soil and Water Conservation Board

Running for Office in 2018

Nancy Soderberg – Candidate for Congressional District  6 (Democrat)
Gwen Graham – Candidate for Governor (Democrat)
Kimberly Sadler – Candidate for County Judge (NOP)
Tracye Polson – Candidate for House District 15 (Democrat)
Monica DePaul – Candidate for Congressional District 4 (Democrat)
La’Rae Hendrix – Candidate for County Judge (NPO)
Georgette Dumont – Candidate for Neptune Beach City Commission (NOP)*
Erica Connor – Candidate for St. Johns Soil and Water (NOP)
Theresa Richardson – Candidate for School Board (NOP)
Charis Scurry – Candidate for School Board (NOP)
Charlotte Joyce – Candidate for School Board (NOP)
Karen Nuland – Candidate for Group 6 (NOP)
Monique Tookes – Candidate for Group 6 (NOP)
Doreszell Cohen – Candidate for Mayor of Jacksonville (Democrat)
Celestine Mills – Candidate for City Council District 11 (Democrat)
Randy DeFoor – Candidate for City Council District 14 (Republican)
LeAnna Cumber – Candidate for District 5 (Republican)
Rose Conry – Candidate for District 6 (Republican)
Victoria Blackman – Candidate for District 7 (Democrat)
Sharise Riley – Candidate for District 7 (Democrat)
Chausse Gibson – Candidate for District 7 (Democrat
Joenetta Satoya Dixon – Candidate for District 8 (Democrat)
Tameka Gaines Holly – Candidate for District 8 (Democrat)
Leslie Harris – Candidate for Soil & Water Group 1 (NOP)

1 thought on “Calling All Local Female Candidates and Politicians!

  1. NPO & NOP candidates should not be allowed to run for office; talking about a hinted agenda or are we supposed to believe they don’t vote. It’s relevant information and voters should know where a candidate stands politically before we vote not after they pass bias laws or judgments along party lines.

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