Rally Visitor Information

Sunday, January 21, 2018

11 AM – 3PM

The Jacksonville Landing 2 W. Independent Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32202

Participation Guidelines

This is a peaceful, non-violent event to rally for positive community action. You are invited to chant and sing and raise your voice with us as we focus on an educational and inspiring Women’s Day of Action in Northeast Florida! Please note that hecklers, and/or disruption of speakers will be asked to leave. Violence or aggression in any form, including verbal assault, will not be tolerated. Violation of these guidelines will result in immediate removal from the property by security personnel.

Volunteers, Peacekeepers, CSC Security, and JSO will be onsite to assist participants as needed.

Our goal is to provide a safe, fun, engaging, educational, and inspirational experience that focuses on critical issues impacting women and our community.

Getting To The Rally

The rally will be held at The Landing in downtown Jacksonville. Use this address in your GPS: 2 W. Independent Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32202.

Please consider public transportation. Visit the Jacksonville Transit Authority for the many public transit options. The Downtown Water Taxi stops at The Landing is a great transportation option.


Parking information can be found here: PARKING. Attendees are encouraged to carpool.

What To Bring

  • Signs, chants, banners, posters (no wooden, plastic, or metal sign holders)
  • Family and friends
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Weather-appropriate clothing
  • If you bring a backpack, we suggest it be clear.

What NOT To Bring

  • Participants are encouraged to reflect positive messages in their choice of clothing, and in the signs that they wish to carry.  Symbols or messages that incite hate, or anger, do not reflect the intentions and focus of the Rally.
  • No firearms or weapons of ANY kind will be permitted.
  • Please do not bring anything that could be used as a weapon (umbrellas, sticks, poles, etc.)
  • Walking sticks used by people with disabilities are permitted, of course.
  • Pets (Service animals with proper documentation are permitted, of course. Other pets may get lost in the crowd, so we discourage that.)
  • No alcoholic beverages, please.
  • The Landing has numerous restaurants serving food and drinks all day, so bringing food is not a necessity.
  • Due to the crowd size and difficulty of navigating, we’d prefer to avoid skateboards, skates, and scooters at this event.  However, wheelchairs, medical scooters, rolling walkers, and walkers are fine.
  • Please avoid bringing large flags, etc, that might block the view of other participants.

How to Get Help On Site

  • Volunteers will be on site to assist and guide you.
  • Hospitality tables will provide lost and found services.
  • American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters will be providing interpretation services for the deaf.  An area near the stage will be available to provide a clear line of sight for the deaf to see the ASL interpreter during speeches.


We will be fundraising for hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Florida Keys.  All Women’s March event proceeds will go to selected charities working on-the-ground in these areas as well as to cover our costs for the Rally.  Please check our website for more details.


15 thoughts on “Rally Visitor Information

  1. Will Vegan food be available for purchase? I hope people eat compassionately and stay warm/healthy since Heart Disease is the greatest killer of women and that issue can be addressed by a compassionate plant based lifestyle and exercise. Thanks

    1. Only the restaurants at The Landing are permitted to sell food. We do hope that people choose thoughtfully. Thanks for keeping this foremost in our conversations.

  2. Landing website says it is not open on Sunday till noon. I assume this has been handled and that the Landing will be open by 10? by 11? Surely something earlier than noon. Also, if there is a march at 10:45, where does it go to, what is the route? Also, will the opening ceremony or anything else interfere with dropping off a wheelchair-bound participant in the drive-through on the north side of the Landing near the statue?

    1. Yes; thanks for checking. The Landing folks will be there no later than 9:30 to help us set up. They are definitely open! We will be gathering on the front steps of The Landing at 10:45 for chants, and then “marching” into the courtyard at 10:55. The opening ceremony is at 11 a.m. in the Landing Courtyard. Everything is accessible. No problem with dropping off a wheelchair-bound participant. If you need help, please check in at the hospitality table in the Landing Lobby. See you tomorrow!

  3. In the long list, a nearly perfect list, of issues and causes supported by this rally!!! BUT one obvious omission, I think, is: I assume within the penumbra of scope of the rally would be that, after all these years, we continue to seek E.R.A. ratification? Forty years ago this month I marched with fellow legislators in support of the E.R.A., one of many E.R.A. marches for my wife and me way back in the day.

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