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Stop Florida’s heartbeat bill

Stop pay discrimination

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City Council – Closing The Gun Show Loop Hole In Duval

We have been lobbying City Council Members individually, speaking at City Council meetings,  asking you to call, email, and attend Council Meetings. We have teamed with Mom’s Demand Action on this issue and we may finally be making seeing some movement.

Recently we received word from a Council Member that the Council has asked legal to review the law to determine if the consolidated City and County government can adopt this ordinance. Keep in mind eight other counties have recently passed a similar ordinance.

We have not closed this issue yet and we still need your help. Call City Council Members and tell them to Close the Gun Show Loop Hole In Duval County!

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Attend a City Council Meeting 


Did you know a background check is only required if you buy a firearm from a licensed dealer?
You can bypass this requirement by purchasing a firearm at a flea market, garage sale, gun show that permits non-licensed sales, or any other public venue. This is because non-licensed individuals can sell firearms in public places and a background check, and waiting period is not required?  This is commonly referred to as the “gun show loop hole.”

What can be done to make guns more difficult to obtain?

The Florida Constitution, Amendment 12, gives county governments the right to require background checks and waiting periods on all public gun sales. So, Duval City Council can close the gun show loop hole and prevent the sell of firearms wherever the public has access.